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Waiblingen, Germany

A young city within old walls.

Waiblingen, Germany
Flag of Germany

Welcome to Waiblingen, Germany

The Waiblingen urban area includes the Lower Remstal, from the city limits to Fellbach in the west, to Kernen in the south it includes Beinstein in the east and Bittenfeld in the north.

Statistics for Waiblingen, Germany
Area (Square Miles):
Official Language:
German, English
Galerie Stihl, Rathaus, RemsPark Waiblingen
Largest Occupation:
Industry, Engineering, Technology

In 2015, it was proposed by our SCAVB President to the Mayor of Virginia Beach, that the hometown of STIHL, a German manufacturer and one of the largest industries in the area, become a sister city. Our SCAVB board was unanimous in authorizing this invitation, especially because there had already been many student exchanges and municipal visits sponsored by STIHL over many years. In November 2015, a letter inviting the city of Waiblingen to consider the process of joining Virginia Beach was sent to Mayor Andrea Hesky who served as the Municipal Manager, and as the Elected Mayor, of Waiblingen, Germany. In 2016, Mayor Andreas Hesky responded favorably to the idea. Peter Mueller, General Counsel for Germany, and retired manager of STIHL agreed to assist in the development and future activities of this new sister city. On May 11th, 2017, Sister Cities of Virginia Beach voted unanimously to affirm Waiblingen, Germany as a “friendship city “ and worked diligently towards an official Sister City status. In 2017, a Mayoral Delegation was sent to Waiblingen, Germany to further discuss a Charter ceremony.

In July of 2017, Mayor Andreas Hesky, as a guest of the city, was invited to attend the 61st Annual Conference of Sister Cities International which was held in Virginia Beach. He and his delegation were met with great enthusiasm and the delegation participated in the Mayoral Summit. They returned to Virginia Beach on September 28th, 2017 to sign the official charter after many official tours and festivities. Mayor Andres Hesky walked the entire Virginia Beach boardwalk and was very impressed with Moss’s Norwegian Lady and has proposed to finance a watchtower to be built in Virginia Beach as a symbol of our partnership.