Miyazaki City Celebrates 90th Anniversary

SCAVB President. Delegation

SCAVB President and Delegation members at Cape Henry Lighthouse Replica – Miyazaki

Ruth Fraser, Jim Wood

A Delegation led by SCAVB President, Ruth Fraser and Sister Cities City Council Liaison, Councilman James Wood, accepted Miyazki’s invitation to celebrate their 90th Anniversary in May, 2014.  They received a warm welcome at the airport upon arrival with over one-hundred people there to greet them waving Virginia Beach flags and a Banner.  Delegates were treated to a myriad of activites and tours by Mayor Tojiki and his committee, as well as the main celebration at the Kanko Hotel which was a true International Event.

Warren Harris, Director and Scott Hall, of the Virginia Beach Office of Economic Development were members of the Delegation and participated in an Economic Development Forum.

Following the celebrations in Miyazaki, the delegation continued on to Olongapo, Philippines to strengthen ties with this “Friendship City”.

SCAVB President Ruth Fraser, Council Liaison Jim Wood Mayor Tojiki


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